Are you a student interested in undergraduate research? Dr. Rowland’s research team is always looking for highly motivated, dedicated, and enthusiastic student researchers. Undergraduate research broadens your horizons, prepares you for a future career in science or biotechnology, and lets you “test drive” a career path.


Currently, the Rowland Lab is seeking students in the following areas:

Telomerase function in stem cells and cancer cells

We are looking for a student interested in investigating how telomerase is expressed in stem cells and cancer cells. Telomerase is what makes both of these types of cells “immortal,” though while it is a normal, healthy function in stem cells, it is an abnormal, pathological function in cancer cells.

Epigenetic regulation of oncogenes

While this project would also involve stem cells and cancer cells, the focus would be more on the epigenetic regulation of oncogenes, and how cancer-associated gene expression changes are caused by epigenetic changes. Thus, for this project, we are looking for a student interested in epigenetics and potentially bioinformatics and computer programming approaches.